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Five Shouts Out – 5 Shouts Out

The average social media user has five plus accounts. What we can understand from this is that social media and the internet have different values to different people across the globe.
Five  Shouts Out magazine is nothing else then a collection of facts and observations: relative to the multi-dimensional and uneven impacts of social media across the globe. We compile intriguing information on a variety of subjects.
It is a balanced mix of editorial and community content, combining the insight and critical weight of some of today’s most important critics with the input and opinions of everyday enthusiasts from around the world.
We are on the hunt for an intriguing, fascinating, funny, weird but true headlines, comments and debates that make you wince, laugh and fear for humanity. The stories at this site are presented with more of a “news” tone than a storytelling. The main purpose of this site is to be educational while entertaining at the same time.  Please send us your comments, questions or suggestions.  Thank you for visiting our site.