From autobahn anomaly to motorway marvel

From autobahn anomaly to motorway marvel: Berlin’s roadside grandstands, An ambitious and unusual renovation project plans to transform former racetrack grandstands overlooking a motorway […]

L0rdix malware for mining cryptocurrency

A new hacktool focused on Windows operating systems is currently being marketed by dark net forums. The L0rdix malware can steal data and cryptocurrency […]

Review: Call of Cthulhu

Twisted sect members, dark locations and monsters that exceed the imagination of people. A handful of horrors that you may encounter in Call of […]

Fallout 76 is Really Bad

Fallout 76 Review Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s new AAA $60 game full of bugs, glitches and lots of problems. But how bad is Todd […]

Central Italy from space

Today’s Video of the Day from the European Space Agency features a striking view of Central Italy from space. The images, captured by the […]

MH370 Deception

Aviation expert claims plane direction could have been FALSIFIED MH370 could have travelled in the opposite direction to which investigators believe and its transmission […]

The Next Data Mine Is Your Bedroom

Google wants to scan your clothing and listen to you brush your teeth. Welcome home. It’s a familiar feeling: Type something into Google’s search […]