At the end of every year, Index on Censorship launches a campaign to focus attention on human rights defenders, artists and journalists who have been in the news headlines during the past twelve months and their oppressors.

Last year, we gathered messages of support for six activists and journalists who were in prison for their beliefs or their work shining a light on activities that restrict people’s freedom of expression. Two of the six have since been released but the others should not be forgotten.

This year, we are asking for your help in identifying the Tyrant of the Year. There is fierce competition, with many rulers choosing to use the cover of Covid to clamp down on their opponents. Some of their tyrannical activities from the past year are listed.

Please make your choice for Tyrant of the Year 2021 in the poll below by selecting their photo and clicking on the Vote button at the bottom. To find out the result, sign up for our weekly newsletter where the “winner” will be announced in early January . You do not have to sign up to vote but we would love to share stories of our work helping give a voice to the persecuted around the world.

The poll closes on 14 January 2022 with the result announced in our newsletter on 21 January.


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