Weekend Notes: Five Weeks of Quarantine

Devon Grace helped us with our dining room. Sharing the details soon!

Life is wild these days, isn’t it? Every week continues to be a mix of highs and lows. Yesterday was my dads birthday, so not being able to properly celebrate really sucked. We prepared a bag of food, dropped it off in front of his apartment building and waved from the car. It was pretty crazy. Again, now more than ever, it’s about finding the little joys in life. If Sasha sleeps through the night and everyone is somewhat rested, early mornings are one of the highlights of my day. Everyone is in a good mood, there’s this calmness in the air and that morning cup of coffee just adds to what brings me major joy. If I’m able to squeeze a 20 minute workout in, that also helps elevate my mental and physical state of mind.

Tomorrow night, the Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls series premieres on ESPN. Keith did all of the sound and it is epic! If you grew up in the Michael Jordan era or if you’re just looking for something good to watch, I highly recommend it. I saw a little glimpse and it is really good!

I’m finishing up the Jessica Simpson audio book and I’m loving it so much.

Yesterday on stories, I took a vote and asked whether you wanted todays post to be a Sephora dedicated post (since their big Beauty Insider sale started) or my usual weekend post, with a few Sephora favorites sprinkled in. Many requested both, so that’s what I plan to do. I’ll do a seperate Sephora post. In the meantime, what I currently have in my Sephora cart: a replenishment of my holy grail brow pencil (I wear #3), Tan-luxe and another bottle of Olaplex. Also, if you’re in need of a curling iron, I love my T3 and use the 1″ barrel. For skincare, I plan to replenish one of my favorite hydrating masks. I also love this resurfacing mask from Tata Harper. It’s pricey, so definitely a good time to buy.  I’ll have a more in depth post early next week.

I’ve been loving this cozy cropped sweatshirt + matching joggers set.

How hobbies have become the ultimate humblebrag.

My favorite small businesses from etsy.

Yesterday, I made this banana bread and whoa. It was so good! I added a little sea salt + cinnamon on top before it went in the oven and it was such a good addition.

Since we’ve been drinking a little more wine these days, I was itching for new wine glasses and ended up getting these. I love them!

Alicia shares her favorite ceramists. I cannot stop looking at these bowls.

7 stories from the Internet that will make you smile.

I just ordered these cursive candlesticks. They’re on backorder but I’m so excited for them!

Keiko shares where to buy fabric face masks. 

Carson Daly gave himself a haircut LIVE on the Today show… so brave.

Woah, remember restaurants?

The 36″ trampoline I got for at-home workouts; Nate’s a big fan! Also folds up for easy storage which is key.

It’s official – the celebs are losing it.

How are you guys doing?