We Drew A Square To Show How Much Space Every Dutch Person Would Have If You Divided The Netherlands Equally To The Population

COVID-19 means we all have to maintain an “appropriate distance” from each other. If 1.5 meters is the minimum distance in The Netherlands, then what could be the maximum distance? How much space would there actually be for every inhabitant of the Netherlands?

You’ll see a yellow square measuring 49.03 meters by 49.03 meters. An area 
of 2,404 m². This is how much space every Dutch person would have if you divided the Netherlands equally among its population. This work is a physical depiction of what your personal space could be. Well? How does it feel? How big should your personal space be? And what about other countries?

Personal Square is part of the art project “At an appropriate distance”, commissioned by the Groningen Centre for Visual Arts (CBK Groningen) and supported by the municipality of Groningen.

The main goal of this project is to make people aware of their own space in life and how we all get along together. In the next few months, we’re hoping to place several ‘Personal Squares’ in other countries with the area calculated for the country in question. For Norway for instance, this is a Personal Square of 267,88 meters x 267,88 meters.

Source: BoredPanda.com