Antares has recently come out with a fantastic upgrade to their flagship pitch correction plug-in, Auto Tune. The new Auto Tune Pro has a completely redesigned interface, making it easier and more intuitive to use than ever.
Logic Pro’s Flex Pitch is a fantastic asset to us all, and it’s free of course. But Auto Tune Pro does things that not only does Flex pitch not do, but no other pitch correction plug-in (that I know of) does!


In this short video, I’m going to show you two specific uses for Auto Tune Pro within Logic Pro X.
The first is simple real-time pitch correction.
You might think, what’s the big deal about that? The answer is in how easy it is to set up and how natural it sounds.
The second example utilizes the MIDI-controlled audio unit version within Logic Pro X.
This allows it to listen to audio fed into its side chain input while responding to either live or pre-recorded MIDI on that track. It’s a fantastic way to creatively re-pitch vocals on the fly, particularly when paired with the return of Auto Tune Pro’s “classic” mode.
Check it out here:

Auto-Tune Pro

You can learn about all the new features and upgrade options here:

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