Video – Tweaking Space Designer

I was working on a mix recently and came up with some Space Designer tweaks on the snare reverb that really helped the overall drum groove sit nicely in the arrangement. By adding a bit of pre-delay, I was able to separate the snare attack from the reverb bloom. The tempo was slow enough, and the groove sparse enough, for this to work very effectively.

Tweaking Space Designer

Next, I tweaked Space Designer’s internal filter envelope. I for one am guilty of overlooking these parameters generally. In this case, it really helped shape the frequency response of the reverb bloom nicely.

Channel EQ

A bit of Channel EQ in the slot before Space designer, combined with the edited filter delay, helped me get exactly the right weight to the reverb bloom that I wanted. Not too much, not too little. The ultimate Goldilocks reverb bloom!


To top it off, I used Logic Pro’s Compressor in the slot after Space Designer. By setting the side chain to listen to the original snare track, I was able to tailor the reverb’s release to sound very natural and smooth.

Video – Tweaking Space Designer

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