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Video – How Does Universal Audio’s Unison Technology Work?

Loyal Logic Pro Expert readers will know that I have been using an Apogee Ensemble audio interface for the past two and a half years. I have recently switched to Universal Audio’s 8p interface. My main reason has less to do with being unhappy with the Ensemble, which I am not, but more to do with wanting to explore Universal Audio’s Unison technology.

Video – Two Emulations Back to Back

I’ll be posting monthly videos here showing some of the plug-ins in use. And for this, my first Apollo 8p video, I want to start at the very beginning and show you what it is all about. So, if you want to get a handle on what Unison is and hear two of its classic preamp and EQ emulations back to back, check out the video below.

Universal Audio Unison Technology

The built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in Universal Audio’s Apollo interfaces allows users to process audio directly at the input stage before it even reaches Logic Pro. The built-in preamps on the Apollo already sound great, but Unison allows plug-ins to be used to emulate classic console preamps, channel strips, and even guitar amplifiers.
Unison-enabled UAD preamp, guitar amp, and pedal plug-ins reconfigure the physical input impedance, gain staging response, and other parameters of Apollo’s mic preamp hardware to match the emulated hardware’s design characteristics.

A New Old Frontier

For me, being able to modify the mic preamp sound and impedance, and record to disc with exceptional sounding EQ and compression emulations directly in the signal path is an exciting new frontier I am eager to explore.
It’s a very old frontier because this is the way it used to work in large console tracking studios back in the day. You’d tweak the EQ, compression and mic gain directly on the mixing console, and commit to tape.

Getting a Sound Right at the Source

Now, we all have great sounding plug-ins; either within Logic Pro or from third-party developers. But the Universal Audio plug-ins, especially the ones with Unison enabled functionality, are particularly lovingly accurate emulations that stand out from the rest. They can also be used as traditional channel inserts post tracking of course.
But the idea of getting “a sound” right at the source has a lot of appeal. Sure it will likely still need some processing in the mix. But getting a unique sound with lots of character at the source is a great foundation to start a project or mix on.

30% Off on all Universal Audio Unison plug-ins

For those of you who are already Apollo owners, Universal Audio has got a great month-long sale on their Unison preamps. They are offering 30% off on all Unison plug-ins.

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