The average American eats 80.6 pounds of beef every year.
Since farming cattle is water and land-intensive—and responsible for between 18 and 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions—companies like Beyond Meat are racing to diversify protein sources that will feed the world’s population for as long as possible.

In this feature episode of If Our Bodies Could Talk, senior editor James Hamblin travels across California to learn about the science and psychology of diversifying people’s protein-intake portfolio.

Authors: Nicolas Pollock, James Hamblin, Jaclyn Skurie / source youtube: The Atlantic

Here are some of the facts: Americans eat three times as much beef as the world average, which works out to be about 322 quarter pound burgers per person. If you consider that each burger requires 400 gallons of water, it’s not surprising that we are in desperate need of seeking protein elsewhere — that is, if we are concerned about our planet. By 2050, we will have to produce as much protein as we do now.  By Brianne Hogan / orginaly published on