Flex Pitch has lots of uses. Although it’s primarily designed for tuning vocals, I often like using it as a quick and dirty scratch pad to experiment with vocal harmony parts.
In the songwriting process, it’s often difficult to imagine, or hear in your mind, what certain vocal harmony ideas may sound like.

Flex Pitch is a great way to realize these ideas and experiment, with minimum fuss.
It’s not only useful in terms of trying out ideas but can often be used for an actual harmony “keeper”, especially when time and budget are constrained. Which is, um, almost always!
I’ve got a song that I am working on with my buddy Rex Strother. He sent me a scratch vocal track to work with. We’ve got good solid verse and chorus sections at this point.
And I am at the stage where I am trying to develop some arrangement ideas to flesh the song out.
In this video, I’ll show you how I like to use Flex Pitch to try out vocal harmony ideas.

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