Video: Blac Chyna ‘devastated’ over explicit photos

Blac Chyna has said she is “devastated” after her ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian posted explicit photos of her on social media. The model told ABC News she felt betrayed after a series of posts last week which saw his Instagram account suspended. She is applying for a restraining order against the reality TV star.

According to Rob Kardashian has blamed leaking nude pictures of Blac Chyna on a “spontaneous reaction” – as she has spoken of her devastation over the revenge porn scandal.

Speaking through his laywer, Robert Shapiro, who famously defended OJ Simpson with Robert Kardashian senior, Rob issued a statement saying the Twitter meltdown, where he accused Blac of sponging money, having secret surgery as well as sharing explicit pictures, was “a spontaneous reaction that he regrets.”

It comes as Blac Chyna appeared on Good Morning America saying she was “devastated” by the revenge porn leak as she thought Rob had more respect for their relationship.

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