Valve Will Be Investigating Epic Games Store’s Exploration of Steam Files

It appears there’s going to be a full-on war between Valve and Epic Games somewhere down the road, and this may be the second major shot to start it. Game Informer reported earlier today that the Epic Games Store has been taking a few extra files they shouldn’t be when you agree to a certain action involving Steam. As pointed out on Reddit, when you agree to share your Friends List from Steam to the EGS, it’s also accessing a file called localconfig.vdf, which contains data about the games you own and login information. Essentially meaning that if you agree to do so, Epic Games may now have knowledge of what’s in your library without your permission.

credit//Epic Games

According to the story, Valve is going to be investigating the matter and seeing what exactly the EGS has been taking when the file is transferred. Epic Games claims that the file is only used to get information on your friends so it can link you up with the same people using their store, as per the user agreement. We’ll see what Valve turns up in their investigation over the next few weeks, but if they find something they don’t like, it’s the kind of thing that could cause a lawsuit and bitterness between both companies. Not exactly the thing you want in a day-and-age when everyone is crying out for cross-platform gaming.

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