If you are the type of person who likes adventure, beautiful landscapes, videos or photos with drones or you want your own collection of beautiful images and videos, this drone is the ideal product for you.

It is called Drone 720x and it is the perfect match between quality and price. Let’s talk about the drone and what it can do.

Best Beginner Pocket Drone / Compact Drone 720x Review 2018

This is a review of the US$30 JY018 Foldable Selfie Drone by Jun Yi Toys.

Is this pocketable drone as good as the original Dobby Drone by Zero Tech?

Watch this video to find out!


+ Excellent build and style, the best Dobby replica so far

+ Wifi video has not much lag

+ Battery comes with a casing for easy swapping

+ Easy to transport as the drone folds into a compact form factor


– Close to almost impossible to take selfie with this, as it is not easy to keep the drone in position


Buy it! As long as you don’t use it to take Selfie! Use it for some Wifi flying fun! PURCHASE IT: You may grab this baby @ http://grbe.st/cFDdo

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Drone 720x experiences ?

Nowadays people are more and more attracted by technology and this is why the biggest technology companies developed a “new toy” for them.

The drones are small devices that are controlled remotely and are used to take videos and photos from the air. The images are incredible and with the drones you can get amazing angles that will provide you with unique images and videos.

There are different types of drones on the market, but the biggest problem is that they are too expensive. When you find a cheap version, it probably only has a few options and it will break quickly

Of course you can buy a drone with professional options but you will see that you have given money to something that you do not need. I have done a lot of research on the market before I bought the Drone 720x. In my opinion, this drone price-quality is the bet option.

Review Drone 720x

Camera – this device has video resolution of 720p, this means video HD and 30 fps (frames per second). The videos look very good and without interruption.

The life of the battery – 8 minutes per flight. This means that the drone can fly 8 minutes, so you have enough time to record everything you want. Rest assured you have enough time. And it includes a battery and charger.

Speed – 80 km / h. I like this feature because it allows me to cover 22m / s. It looks great and you can make incredible videos thanks to this speed.

Control area – 70 meters. The control area is decent for this drone. You can get incredible images thanks to this option and as I said, the price is very good.

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What is so special about Drone 720 x?

In addition to all the above features, Drone comes with 720 x with additional benefits:

  • Very easy to use. The control buttons are easy and help the drone maintain a constant height and control during use.
  • Live streaming. I used this option several times and I enjoyed it very much. With this option you do not take the risk of videos with poor quality. With live streaming you can control the drone while you are recording.
  • Videos look really good. The 720 p camera offers clear images. I have to admit that I tested the drone at great speed to try out the brightness of the images and the outcome was positive. Even with a large speed, the images remained stable.
  • Height control. I managed to program the drone to fly at the desired heights and the result was as I expected.

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Drone 720x Review 2018

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