Top Reasons Why Your Product launch Might Fail

Despite perfect planning and great strategies, the launch of your product may collapse any moment. This guide will give necessary information in order to avoid the failure.

You just launched this awesome product. You were absolutely sure it would be a huge success. You invested a lot of effort into marketing and in your team. After all, the main purpose of a product launch is to build a sales momentum.

Still, something went wrong. You’re not getting enough attention on social media, not many people subscribe to get early access to the website, and you’re not seeing huge engagement. What happened with your product promotion?

Doing everything by the book may or may not work because each case is isolated. Seeing that product launch is a critical step for every company, especially one in an early stage, the success is what actually determines the company’s success and survival. But, how can you make sure that your product launch will not fail?

There are universal mistakes that can ruin any marketing campaign. Let’s list few of them. If you still haven’t launched the product, you’ll avoid them. If you already went down that road, there might be room for improvement.

Top 7 Reasons that Drive a Product launch to Failure

1. You Failed to Define a Strategy

Each step of the product launch process should fit into a larger strategy. Do you have a plan for promotion? Have you defined your audience with all its needs? What goals are you making progress towards?

Each step of the product launch process should fit into a larger strategy. Do you have a plan for promotion? Have you defined your audience with all its needs? What goals are you making progress towards?

2. You Made an Insensitive Joke

Everybody loves Neil Patel. He gives us great free content focused on proper marketing. Still, some of his marketing messages are downright offensive.

A particular ad at his website features a beautiful woman and this message: “Neil taught me how to make money without taking off my clothes.” Do you notice anything wrong with that message? Any woman would be offended. Does this mean that women have to make some special effort to start making money without taking their clothes off?

Neil Patel has also been criticized about the outrageous number of pop-ups at his website. But, this is Neil Patel. Somehow, he makes it work. If your business is new and you’re launching your first product, you won’t be that lucky.

Be sensitive. Do not make offensive jokes! Yes, it’s important to be funny, but not at someone’s expense.

3. You Hijacked the Wrong Hashtag

When you’re promoting a new product, hashtags can easily bring you to success. You can hijack a hashtag like #lifestyle when promoting a sofa, for example. If you can find a more specific hashtag where you fit in, even better.

However, you have to be careful with this strategy. Get informed what the hashtag is about before you start using it. DiGiorno Pizza did it wrong. They hijacked the #WhyIStayed hashtag, which was all about women sharing stories experience with domestic violence. Their tweet was “#WhyIStayed You had pizza.” Not cool. Still, their reaction after this mess was pretty awesome. They gave personal apologies to everyone who reacted to this tweet.

4. You Haven’t Been Posting

The content you use to promote your new product makes a huge difference. Did you just talk about the awesome features and all the ways you’re better than the competition? Well, that’s probably where you failed. Remember: the content should be about your audience. That’s your center.

The potential buyer should relate to this product. Why do they need it in their life? How will it make it better?

Apple is the master of good marketing content. Check the marketing message for the Apple Watch Series 2:  “Live a better day. Built-in GPS. Water resistance to 50 meters. A lightning-fast dual-core processor. And a display that’s two times brighter than before. Full of features that help you stay active, motivated, and connected, Apple Watch Series 2 is the perfect partner for a healthy life.”

You get why that message is successful, right? It talks a bit about the features, and then it’s focused on the consumer’s lifestyle. That’s the kind of message that makes a product launch successful.

5.  No Links on Social Media

You may have the perfect product launch campaign. The Instagram photos are cool and they get you tons of feedback. You get likes on Facebook and your tweets are popular, so the audience seems ready for your launch. But what happens if they want to find out more about your product and they don’t find a link in the bio? Maybe you don’t have a website yet? Well, a blog is easy to create; link to it! Maybe you forgot to list the link? Do it ASAP!

If you already have a website, but you’re launching a new product in the series, put a link to that product. Have you noticed how bloggers put the link to their latest post in the Instagram bio? Not to the official website, but to the particular post. That’s the strategy you should implement when launching a product. You’re leading your followers directly to the spot you want them at.

6. You Shared Duplicate Photos and Videos All the Time

Yes, you want to be as active as possible on social media. However, that doesn’t mean you can share the same photo with the same message over and over again. That’s called spamming, and it’s amazing to see how many brands do it when launching products. It’s a nice strategy to use if you want to see people unfollowing you with the speed of light. But you don’t want that, so don’t do it.

7.  You Failed to Schedule Effectively

A successful product launch comprises of mapping every little detail to promote your new product, starting with dates, personnel, tasks, teams, times, roles and projects. If you fail to act on and manage absolutely everything, you are risking a failure.

Of course, this is not at all simple. Every product launch has a lot of moving parts and can present a huge challenge for a growing business. However, once you find the best scheduling option for your business, you are ready for the big product promotion.

A good place to start is by blocking out some time every day to work on the product launch and set up things such as management and scheduling issues. You can also use Gantt Charts, them being a highly popular project management tool. And finally, the safest way to achieve this is by hiring a reliable manager that will work on your project.

When you want to learn how to do something, learn what not to do first. Be warned by other people’s mistakes, but take your own mistakes as part of the experience, too. Hopefully, you will be on your way to a successful product launch!

 Author:  Lisa Wheatly

Lisa works for TopAussieWriters.comin her free time, helping the team create honest and reliable essay writing service reviews. She found her true calling in business consulting. Lisa is helping young entrepreneurs to scan the market, evaluate their ideas and bring new businesses to life. Lisa’s Twitter: