Tonsturm have announced that TRAVELER Doppler plug-in is finally available for Windows too. They have also updated it to V.1.1 and added a number of new features. Existing users and download the new version. If you don’t own it, TRAVELER is on offer at $179 instead of $229 until 9th October 2018.

What Is New In TRAVELER V1.1

 Precisely define peak time and distance in TRAVELER V1.1

  • Precisely define peak time and distance – You can define the moment of peak and the distance to the Doppler Path and be in precise sync to the action of the video.
  • Snap LFO shape breakpoints to peak time – LFO shape breakpoints will automatically snap to the peak time position
  • Other new features include…
    • PEAK POSITION is displayed in SAMPLER & LFO
    • LFO break points will auto snap to PEAK POSITION.
    • Preset menu is now integrated in the UI
    • Activating a POST EFFECT directly switches to that effect.
    • The SPEED slider changes color for more visual feedback
    • Delay in BPM MODE now goes down to 1/64
    • 1 frame is the new minimum duration in TIMECODE MODE
    • You can now trigger START and STOP button from host automation
    • For a complete list of all the features check out the TRAVELER manual.

System Requirements

  • MAC OS X (64-bit only): VST, AU, AAX
  • Windows (only 64-bit): VST, AAX

More Information

If you would like to download a 7 day trial, as an existing user, download the latest version or to learn more about TRAVELER from Tonsturm then visit the Tonsturm TRAVELER page.

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