The Truth About Your Mortgage – Secrets the Banks Don’t Want You to Know

youtube: Michelle Cruz Rosado


7NoSaint 7NoSaint 4 years ago
THE best explanation of the mortgage (debt) fraud perpetrated upon the U.S. debt slaves I’ve heard to date. I thank you. Peace, love and appreciation.

Richard Martin Richard Martin 4 years ago
Home owners can negotiate and he’s not the only one that can teach this… who wants to teach a lawyer anyways. You hav e to know who you are and be secure in what you learn and believe. The value came from your signature and was multiplied or fractionalized by the reserves. If it didn’t have your signature it would just be paper. By the way you don’t want to negotiate… just sue them and you’ll et whats yours just research and you’ll get the house with out spending a dime more. Resarch and don’t get hood winked because he’s trying to get you to sign another document to sell 10 times and it’ll so called bring you price Anybody working for the bar is NOT for you.

Richard Martin Richard Martin 4 years ago
People he told the truth, the house is paid for many times over what else do you need to hear? Negotiate? lol

Mariano Molina Mariano Molina 4 years ago
I loved what I ve learned today, thank you for posting and educating people about mortgage/s

catchmyvibs catchmyvibs 4 years ago
this is incredible information and from my own experience from working in the mortgage industry I now realize the truth more so .. this would be a good one to go viral help people wake up ..

Michael Lee Michael Lee 3 years ago
Advice please… I received a letter of forclosure/lein this past weekend, I still have yet to speak with my mortgage company, hopefully this morning. I went out and bought a recording device and I’m hoping they won’t drop my call when I inform them that I’m recording our conversation.

I sopke to a PNC (my mortgage co.) a few days ago (before receiving this forclosure notice) concerning that I havent been able to get into my computer acct. for a couple of months in order to pay my mortgage, so I’ve been paying it via their automated phone line. I was told that I had been “locked out” and when I asked them why they didn’t have an answer… nor did they discuss anything about forclose either.

In fact I was told I was up to date on my payments. So here’s my terrifying issue, I have not missed a house payment in 20 years so why am I receiving a forclosure notice??? This letter starts off by apologizing for my hardship… and then goes on to say I have 1 month to straighten things out. I’ve been doing some research online and I was shocked to find out that there are others who have gone through the same thing, it all started with the same letter…. and these people were also current on their payments as well.

I’m praying that I’m not being targeted some how and this is all going to be a huge mistake. If it turns out that they are indeed trying to steal my home (illegally!) where do I begin the fight? Should I hire a lawyer immediately, which truthfully I can’t aford right now but I’ll do it anyway… or is there some organization I can contact for help?

I honestly don’t know where to begin and I’m scared because of all the other people I read about who have gone through the same false BS. People have gone to their bank or credit unions and produced proof of their payment and had their homes stolen from them anyway, I have a bad feeling about all of this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated…… ~Shine~ WA State (spouse of Mike Lee)

John Milanoski John Milanoski 4 years ago
Brilliant explanation!

Neftali Garcia Neftali Garcia 4 years ago
i just received a foreclosure letter from an attorney representing my mortgage company today 9-20-14, who should i contact in order for me to keep the house from going into foreclosure??? help!!!

John Villa John Villa 4 years ago
he is right1

GREAT POST! I understand the system better. Who is the Lawyer who shared this info?

Raheem Drayton Raheem Drayton 4 years ago
Please teach your family this stuff

William Love William Love 4 years ago
Thanks for posting this!!

Thumpur69 Thumpur69 4 years ago
Thanks for the information and presenting it in such a way that I can understand!!!

MrRamirez1951 MrRamirez1951 4 years ago
what is the name of the book he wrote? What is his name?

torrgarjoe torrgarjoe 4 years ago

In a nutshell that information is correct. Obama said on j leno insurance company promises to pay $30 for every $1. Don’t leave your property if you being are foreclosured on.

Ron Ron 4 years ago
Guys As Canadian,is it so different ? I want to jump in the rabbit hole and see where it leads..Can somebody recommend a starting point?

L M L M 4 years ago
This is fantastic. I’m bringing this up to my wife’s atty who is handling possible litigation against Wells Fargo . The atty porbably know this but I want to know his future strategy.

fkujakedmyname fkujakedmyname 4 years ago
the campaigns are financed by wall street, the banks and multibillion dollar companies

Marlon M Marlon M 5 years ago
Do these audits apply to 2008 refinanced mortages ? Does the 91 day pay off still apply and show up on the audits and reports? excellent information.

Marlon M Marlon M 5 years ago
Do these audits apply to 2008 refinanced mortages ? Does the 91 day pay off still apply and show up on the audits and reports?

Bearwolf Ex Bearwolf Ex 5 years ago
U.S. citizens should confront their State and U.S. congressmen with this issue. They are our paid representatives and THEY are obligated to find out for THE PEOPLE.

Tasha Perez Tasha Perez 5 years ago
When and where is your next seminar in the Los Angeles area?

hubie4x4 hubie4x4 5 years ago
Hi Michelle! How can I contact this fine gentleman? I have some questions for him.

jdfarr45 jdfarr45 5 years ago
Michelle, who is this man, and how can i get in touch with him? thank you for any info you can share in this regard. i’d love to interview him for my newsletter i email out monthly. my contact info is and 248-343-8804.

jdfarr45 jdfarr45 5 years ago
this is simply the best information on what TRULY HAS HAPPENED in this foreclosure crisis/global economic implosion! this fine man not only has great knowledge, but has a wonderful, clear way of explaining it. bravo, Michelle!

Viswanatha Premkumar Viswanatha Premkumar 6 years ago
nice video explaining the process. Liked and added to my favorite

dryflyguyok dryflyguyok 6 years ago
nice find michala. faved and added to my mortgage/eft/a4v playlist. suuweeeet