The Mosquito Killed 52 Billion People

According to Timothy Winegard, the mosquito killed 52 billion people.

This is what Timothy C. Winegard, professor of history at Colorado Mesa University in the US, argues in his book Mosquito. How the mosquito determined the course of our history that will appear next month.

The author states that more deaths were caused by the buzzing insect than by any other cause in human history. “In clear numbers, that amounts to around 52 billion deaths from the 108 billion in the relatively short period of 200,000 years that we have existed.”

He does note: „The mosquito kills nobody immediately. She (only pregnant females stab. Ed.) Sows death and destruction in the form of extremely deadly diseases, which she transmits. Without her, these sinister ailments could not be transmitted to people and the cycle of contamination would be broken. Without her, these diseases would not even exist at all. ”He then refers to diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

According to Winegard, the largest armies were defeated by mosquito plagues, such as the Assyrian army under King Sanherib in 701 BC.

But even in modern history, despite anti-mosquito drugs, armies suffered from the stabbing animal. Between 1965 and 1973 there were about 68,000 registered cases of malaria in the US military in Vietnam. That is 1.2 million days off.