My name is Yuliya Pieletskaya and I’m a Chicago-based illustrator. I draw animals on my iPad in the Procreate app with an iPencil. And here I would like to show you a few examples.

A lot of people ask how I get a watercolor/gouache look to my digital drawings and it all comes down to the brushes I use. I also apply a paper texture to my canvas in ‘multiply’ mode. I have a few YouTube videos to show you how to do this!

Check out my artwork and I hope you’ll enjoy!

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Captured chilling llama

Faws are such gentle and magical animals

Tiny fox chilling on some gigantic leaves

Grumpy weasel

My first bun Oakley

Glowing bunnies

Captured mini poofs

Fur baby Lucy

Tiny peachy bunnies

My queen frolicking in flowers

Cute little sweet potato

Friday afternoons are for tiny breaks to draw soft bunnies

Bunny delivering love letters

“Who are you butterfly? What do you do around here?”

Dizzy fluffy otter

Baby otter hiding behind strawberries

Cheetah observing butterfly

Bunny smelling flowers

Small tiger living in calendula flowers

Walrus in the springtime

Hiding otter

Reading ice bear

This is where the tiniest of forest spirits live

Polar bear

Bunny in soft warm colors

Close-up of two cute otters

Little sleepy koala

Grumpy little fox

It’s illegal to be as cute as this otter

Tiny elephant to help you get through the week

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