T-Mobile’s free mobile service for first responders is now available

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

T-Mobile’s offer of free mobile service for first responders for 10 years is now available, CEO Mike Sievert announced today. The program, officially called “Connecting Heroes,” provides free access to the company’s network over the next decade for members of state and local public and nonprofit law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.

The offer of free service, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 4G / 5G data, was part of a set of promises the company made to help convince regulators to approve its merger with Sprint. And now, with that merger successfully completed, the newly expanded T-Mobile is making good on that promise. Sievert claimed T-Mobile will follow through on its other pledges as well, and he took shots at AT&T and WarnerMedia for raising prices after their combination.

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