Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mario returns with his friends to the Switch. Everyone is back! Here’s what we thought after our first go on Nintendo’s “biggest gaming crossover of all time”


The upcoming Super Smash Bros. game will bring back all your favorite fighters – everyone who was once playable in the past – and thus earns its title: Ultimate. Mario, Sonic, all three variations of Link, that crazy Mr. Game & Watch male, all previous downloadable content characters, including Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy and Bayonetta. Even Solid Snake returns, despite his absence on the Nintendo Switch.

Together, almost 70 confirmed fighters so far, which is very impressive. There are some newcomers, such as Princess Daisy – which is actually Peach with a different coat of paint – but our new favorite is Inkling from Splatoon.

There are six variants of the character, each with its own color and by opponents to spray it get more damage. It’s great to see six different ‘squidkids’ surfing around and seeing ink spraying on each other with colorful explosions. Believe us, rolling around with an unstoppable ink roller will never get boring. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Translated from Dutch / written by Mathias Holmbergs for

Smash Bros Ultimate is the most complete collection the series has ever seen. Every single fighter ever seen in the series all brought together in one game, plus some debutants to boot. Add to that an incredible number of stages, assist characters, items and everything we’ve ever loved about this franchise, Nintendo is going all out to make the Nintendo Switch entry definitive.

Watch Nintendo play a full four-player match on the new Splatoon stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with one of the Inklings.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Inkling Gameplay on Splatoon Stage – E3 2018

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