(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The question of sex and morality is a complex one.

Having a lot of sex isn’t always bad, and having very little sex isn’t always good. But a recent study has found that using the old fashioned metrics of sexual morality, attractive people have less stringent sexual boundaries.

But why do attractive people have more liberal views?

According Robert Ubatsch from Iowa State University, it’s partially because attractive people have more options when it comes to sex.

If you look like Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively then there is a pretty much 100% chance that on a night out you could find someone who wants to bone you.

If you look like a foot then it’s going to be more difficult. So you can end up having less sex, but not because you’re a morally better person or less of a horndog, just simply because you lack the chances.

Being able to have sex whenever you want, Robert theories, makes you likely to be less judgemental of those who have casual sex.

According to the report’s author: ‘In the data from 2016, 51 percent of those whose looks were rated above average said a woman who wants an abortion for any reason should legally be allowed to have one.

‘Only 42 percent of those with below-average looks said the same. This nine-point difference increases to 15 points when accounting for factors like age, education, political ideology and religiosity.

‘This pattern repeated for almost all questions. The one exception was a question that asked when adultery was morally acceptable. Almost all respondents said “never” to that, washing out differences between the more and less attractive.’

So attractive people are more likely to be liberal in their views around reproductive rights, but not more likely to cheat on you. Sounds like a win win.

This article was originally published at Metro.co.uk