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Stratus Post Production Reverb From Exponential Audio / iZotope – Hear What It Sounds Like On Vocals

Many of us are familiar with the well-know Exponential Audio reverbs PhoenixVerb, Nimbus, R2, and R4. They are fantastic to work with and sound great. But lesser know is their post-production 3D reverbs, Stratus and Symphony.

Surround and 3D audio aside; Stratus is a fantastic sounding algorithmic reverb that works on every kind of source material. The precise control over the early reflections and reverb tail separately provides all the parameters you need to place a signal in any space or ambience.

Here I’ve used it on a pop vocal. The ability to sculpt the early reflection and reverb tail separately give it a uniquely thick, dense quality that adds a lot of character to the sound. The tail suppression and onboard filtering control the tone and placement of the reverb. Listen for yourself and hear how well this works in a music-based mix.