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State of Mind

State of Mind is a thriller with a fascinating story about a future in which people do everything through technology to improve themselves. Daedalic creates an atmospheric world and delves deeper into themes such as transhumanism, humanity and artificial intelligence than gaming studios with a large budget. Unfortunately, writing and acting do not help this story too much.

With Detroit: Become Human still fresh in the memory, Daedalic tries to give its own answer to how technology will influence our future. Fortunately, the German studio dives into more interesting themes than Quantic Dream did. State of Mind tells a story about man and the eternal hunt to improve himself.

Robots are also running around in the science-fiction world of State of Mind, but these can be clearly identified. They do take over from police and desk staff, but that is only a side issue. This game is about people who want to improve themselves through technology. Be it via implants for augmented reality, a replacement limb, a trip to Mars where a better life can be found, or the possibility to have yourself uploaded to a virtual country.

The main character in this story is Richard, a journalist who hates all that technological nonsense. But also Adam, a man who lives in a strange world where things may not be as real as they seem. The two contact each other, after which a mystery unfolds. They are not the most interesting characters, but the worlds make up for a lot. Source:

The originality of State of Mind’s vision and the thrust of its narrative more than excuse some sci-fi clichés, and you’re left with a breezy adventure game which compels with its ideas, if not always with its play. youtube: VideoGamerTV