Sound Credit, created by Soundways in Memphis, TN provides an affordable digital home for project credits, album art, and liner notes. Capture your credits via free-standing or DAW plug-in software where credits are created then stored in the DDEX RIN standard open format. Once you’ve logged your credits, then upload them to the Sound Credit Portal where you can freely edit and distribute them worldwide.

What Do You Get?

It all starts with the RIN data collection software that comes as a DAW plug-in (AAX, AU, VST, VST3) or as free-standing software. You can also enter this data on the Sound Credit Portal. The plug-in is a one-time $49 fee, and the portal is $99 per year. Just like the original Soundways RIN-M plug-in, the Sound Credit software uses the RIN standard created by DDEX.

Soundways says:

DDEX is a consortium of companies including Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, and over 30 others.  They met over the course of 10 years to make music metadata standards.  For 4 of those years, The Recording Information Notification (RIN) standard was being discussed and prepared.

DDEX and RIN is the key to making this all work. With players like Apple and Amazon involved, it’s a format with legs to carry it into the future.

How Do You Log The Info?

You create the data. After you populate the relevant fields for each song, you’re ready to export the data for later use. You can also embed the ISRC code, Artist name, and song name into the BWAV file making it a permanent part of the song as it travels downstream to be sold to the public.

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Who Can See The RIN Data?

As the creator, you can control how your RIN data is edited and viewed. It can be private or public. Soundways is also meeting with all the major streaming services who will have access to the database. This means your credits can have an active distribution stream as you push them across platforms from Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, and more.

What’s The Verdict? The Future Is Now!

Other services exist, but Sound Credit is the first to provide an affordable way to log, then post credits, album art, and liner notes internet-wide. If you intend to put your name on your work permanently, be it as an artist, musician, producer, composer, manager, or studio owner then Sound Credit should be part of your workflow. How much can you hate money?

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