Sexy Chef Steph goes viral with NAKED cooking tutorials


A NAKED chef has seen her cooking tutorials go viral after she caught the attention of the internet. Stephanie Dail from North Carolina has proved incredibly popular.

A new naked chef is after Jamie Oliver’s crown – but does she have what it takes?American Stephanie Dail, who goes by ‘Sexy Chef Steph‘, cooks Asian chicken on camera as sexily as she can muster – nibbling on vegetables, flashing her bottom and even tapping her nipple with a wooden spoon.

The young woman from North Carolina uploaded the video – in which she wears nothing but a black apron – to YouTube where it has amassed over 3.6 million views.

It’s a challenging watch due to shaky, out of focus camera work, questionable lighting and a less-than-appetising recipe – but that clearly hasn’t put viewers off. In the footage we see Steph prepare her ‘signature’ Asian chicken, with peppers and basil.

The REAL naked chef! Amateur cook becomes an online sensation as a racy video of her whipping up a dish in nothing but an apron goes viral.