Samsung Vietnam has reportedly posted, and removed, a video teaser for the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for February 20th. In it, the company demonstrates a number of futuristic devices, including foldable phone. Question is: is it a concept or are we looking at Samsung’s very first phone with a foldable display?

Samsung first teased its premium foldable, expected to cost as must as $1,700, in November at its developer conference. It consisted of a 7.3-inch folding internal display with 1536 x 2152 resolution, flanked by a smaller 4.58-inch, 840 x 1960 display for use when closed. Unfortunately, the device was disguised by a chunky case to obscure elements of the design. “There’s a device inside here,” said the presenter at the time. “And it is stunning.”

In addition to Samsung’s first foldable, this year’s Unpacked is also expected to reveal the 10th anniversary trio of Galaxy S10 phones, as well as a superpowered “Beyond X” model with a 6.7-inch display, six cameras, and support for 5G. It’s going to be a huge event where whatever will be, will surely be.

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