MenuBUS – Run Audio Unit Plugins on Your Mac’s System Output


MenuBUS – “The Master Bus for your Mac” – lets you run audio unit plugins on your Mac’s system output, straight from the menu bar.


menuBUS is a lightweight menu bar application that lets you capture your Mac’s system audio, host Audio Unit plugins in real-time, and pass the processed audio to an audio output of your choice.

Until now applying effects to the system audio has involved the use of multiple apps, audio drivers and aggregate devices, and in the case of paid apps that can solve this problem the user is still left with a lot of prep work and time spent managing app clutter.

MenuBUS Highlights

  • Full control of any Audio Unit plugin.
  • Works with any Audio Unit plugin that works in your DAW.
  • You can save your own presets. These can be switched with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Unlimited plugin slots, draggable via drag & drop.

Download MenuBUS

menuBUS is still under development, but you can get early access by becoming a tester.

To download, click the link at the top of the menuBUS website.

The app will cost $39 USD once it goes on sale in March 2017.

Your email address and macOS 10.10+ are required….

(source: MacOSAudio)

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