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Sanjena Sathian | Tony Tulathimutte

Our May book features alchemy, heists, and diaspora politics.

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This May, the Vox Book Club is reading Sanjena Sathian’s assured and immersive debut novel, Gold Diggers. It’s got alchemy, heists, and diaspora politics, and it’s the kind of book that makes me have a lot of thoughts about Jonathan Lethem’s 2003 novel Fortress of Solitude.

We’ll be talking about the whole thing with Sathian live on Zoom on Wednesday, May 19, at 5 pm Eastern, with audience questions encouraged. We’d love to see you there, so go ahead and RSVP right here. In the meantime, subscribe to the Vox Book Club newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything, and come back on Friday, May 14 for our on-site discussion.

Here’s the full Vox Book Club schedule for May 2021

Friday, May 14: Discussion post on Gold Diggers published to

Wednesday, May 19: Virtual live event with author Sanjena Sathian at 5 pm Eastern. You can RSVP here. Reader questions are encouraged!

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