Rotterdam Centraal Station The Netherlands

Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Centraal (Dutch pronunciation: [rɔtərˈdɑm sɛnˈtraːl]) is the main railway station of the city Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The station received an average of 110,000 passengers daily in 2007.The current station building, located at Station Square, was officially opened in March 2014.

Rotterdam CS

New Rotterdam Centraal

A total reconstruction of the station and its surroundings started in 2004 to cope with an increasing number of trains, for example the high-speed train between Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, and to accommodate for RandstadRail. Furthermore, the existing station, especially the passenger tunnel, also became too small to handle the growing number of passengers. Traveller numbers were projected to be 320,000 per day in 2025. To cope with this increase, a new station was necessary.

Rotterdam CS inside photo by Jansen
Rotterdam Central Station Sets a New Standard for the Design of Public Transportation

Rotterdam CS Bentham Crouwel Architects source:

Benthem Crouwel’s design of the Rotterdam Station features two big moves: a shed over the platforms and a scissor of concrete over the waiting area and transfer point. By

Rotterdam Central Station solar roof

Inside, the roof fractures into a series of ridges that offer accented versions of the peaks above the platforms. It also supports the largest array of solar cells in Europe. Benthem Crouwel covered the inside ceiling with wood and paved the indoor plaza with a reddish stone, giving the space a sense of luxury uncommon in spaces of public transportation. In contrast to the march of columns on the platform, there are no supports here, only the roof seeming to float above banks of stores and offices. By

Bentham Crouwel Architects source:

The Rotterdam Central Station sets a new standard for public transportation architecture. Able to handle not only over 100,000 passengers who pass through there every day today, but also a three-fold increase in that number, it makes room for and celebrates the movement that is so central to our life in a manner that is public, shared, and open—and not to mention exhilarating. By

Rotterdam CS platform source:

Rotterdam CS bird-eye-view

Bentham Crouwel Architects source:

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