Rob Kardashian shares nude pictures without permission.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. © Bruno

Rob Kardashian, the brother of the famous Kardashian sisters, according to many, has left the boundary of good taste (and perhaps the law) by placing naked photos of a woman suspiciously resembling his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna. She accused Rob in her turn of domestic violence.

The pair have a flashlight relationship and a daughter: Dream. The girl was born last November. Shortly after the birth, Rob and Blac broke their engagement. This happened very publicly through social media.

This time Rob accuses his ex-lover of stranglehold, he placed exposures, and even a picture of the man with whom Chyna would be strangled. Instagram has rob Rob now. On Twitter, he is still active.

Chyna responded with Snapchat with an accusation: “You beat me together and I’m trying to pretend it never happened. You abused me that I swear to God and my children, but now I have to keep quiet because you are a Kardashian. “Where daughter Dream is currently unknown is unknown.
Revenge porn

Meanwhile, several lawyers against American media say that what Rob has done may be punishable. In California, the state where he lives, there are clear rules against “revenge porn”: sharing nude pictures and videos of people who have not consented to it and which adversely affect the publicity of the images.

The law has been there since 2013. According to lawyer Lisa Bloom, Chyna could complain of her ex of the views, and if Rob is sentenced, he can get a sentence of up to six months. Rob Kardashian has nearly 9 million followers on Instagram, so it’s likely that many people have seen the photos before Instagram took them offline.

Rob continued his tirade against Blac Chyna on Twitter: “I really thought Chyna wanted to set up a family and so I was so loyal to her, but I learned my lesson and everyone was right.”