Review : Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Launch Gameplay Trailer

Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Launch Gameplay Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

Reviewed by Jurian Ubachs for / read full review in Dutch

The rejection of traditional campaign mode is a daring choice that will not be equally good with every gamer, but that Black Ops 4 has enough content to make the loss of that campaign not too painful is clear.

Blackout is an asset to the range of battle royale games that are available now, while the Zombies mode has never been as complete and as extensive in the game as this year. The multiplayer does not offer too much news, but benefits from well-balanced, smoothly playing gameplay.

In the audiovisual field there is, as tradition has been, a lot to complain about, but even then Black Ops 4 is good enough for the necessary hours of online fun.


  • Blackout real asset
  • Strong multiplayer
  • Zombies more fun and comprehensive than ever
  • More tactics


  • Visually no high flyer
  • Single player offer limited
  • Rare Specialist missions
  • Microtransactions influence gameplay

Some user reviews on / Rating:1/5


graphics suck with poor blurry shaders rather than a good AA(bluring the lines is notbetter graphics). Day one DLC typical…..more spawn killing than an abortion clinic, crashes abit, gamelags and chops forcing a restart. servers feel p2p trash and slower than a pub g server when i get shot by somone in china when im already back behind cover Everything on xbox is being delayed a week for PS4, even community events. 0/10 Great reminder why i stopped buying cods the past 4 or 5 titles

Dissapointed – Still no dedicated servers

So there is no campaign WHICH MEANS they should have spent the money on dedicated servers to alleviate CODS ******** P2P. At this point they’re not fooling anyone. The increased kill time is a decent attempt to fix that problem but when you watch the kill cam it’s still the same old story. Especially having

Don’t Bother, It’s a Bad Time…

If you are Canadian like myself or an international player then THIS IS *NOT* THE GAME FOR YOU. No campaign, always online. Constant disconnections, host migration (yep, COD on console is STILL p2p instead of dedicated servers like everyone else), lag, latency, same old game engine, support just blames.


I want my money back, can’t even get the this piece of **** to load

i rather have aids

It can be fun but this game gives me a migraine worse than a cancer tumour when i play multiplayer


Trash hit detection, typical cod shoot a guy 7 times then i insta die even worse than i expected.

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