Review – Eventide Ultratap

Eli Krantzberg reviews Eventide Ultratap, a brand new soundscape tool capable of producing huge spaces, glitchy gated delays, crescendoing volume swells, comb filtering, modulation, and more.

Eventide Ultratap

Eventide are masters at chipping away at conventional boundaries. They’ve successfully bridged the gap between live and studio effects with their vocal processing algorithms. And now they’re changing the game again with their new Ultratap plug-in.
Is it a delay plug-in? Reverb? Modulation? Gate? Dynamics?
It’s all of the above.
With so many fantastic delay plug-ins, not only from other companies but from Eventide themselves as well, having a fresh creatively stimulating tool like this is very welcome.

More Than a Multi-tap Delay-line Effect

Ultratap is much more than a multi-tap delay-line effect. It’s a soundscape tool, capable of producing huge spaces, glitchy gated delays, crescendoing volume swells, comb filtering, modulation, and more. Aside from the usual delay controls, there are a few extras in here that make this plug-in unique.

Spread and Taper

The Spread and Taper controls are used to adjust the spacing and volume of the delays. So you can create ahead of the beat or behind the beat waves of repeats that swell up or down. But the Slurm and Chop controls are where this plug-in really shines.


Slurm adds a juicy tap slurring/smearing modulation. It combines slow random multi-voice detuning with modulation and a small reverb like diffusion. The more you dial it up, the more the taps get increasingly smeared, loosing their attack and definition. The result is a unique fluid chorused sounding “tail” to the input signal.


The Chop control is described in the manual as a “pre-tap chopping tremolo or auto volume processor”. The function changes throughout the knob’s range. First, there are several LFO waveform shapes for a tremolo like effect. A second knob controls the speed of the LFO. This is followed by two auto-volume processors that create either volume swells or a gating effect; again with their values controlled from a second knob.

Ribbon & Hotswitch

The horizontal Ribbon control is an easily programmable macro for controlling several parameters at once, like grabbing several knobs simultaneously on a hardware unit. There is no stepped movement between the values of any of the controls, so they can be moved and modulated freely without any zipper type noises. And finally, the Hotswitch button allows you to smoothly switch between two sets of parameter snapshots.


For those looking for creative delay/modulation based effects, Ultratap from Eventide is absolutely worth taking a look at. It’s very user-friendly. There is a huge variety of presets to work with. And a slim thirteen-page manual to go through if you want to roll your own.

Video – Eventide Ultratap in Action

Check out Eventide Ultratap in action here:


You can get Ultratap for $49 through September 5th 2017.

For more information, visit

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