Research Explains Why Some Couples Have Way More Sex Than Others ..

Sex is one of the key pillars holding almost every relationship out there. A sexless relationship has limited chances of thriving which is directly the opposite of a relationship where sex is a priority. However, the amount of sex a couple is having could be determined by the personality of the two. This is according to a survey done by psychologists from Florida State University and published in Journal of Research and Personality.

The study which was based on studying 278 newlywed heterosexual couples majored its research around neuroticism, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness and being open to experience (Big five personality traits).

James K. McNulty and Andrea L. Meltzer who are the chief psychologists behind this study asked the newlywed couples to have a record of their daily activities including sex within a period of two weeks to determine their sexual trend.

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The findings of this research clearly indicated that the woman was the key determinant of how many times the couple had sex. By closely studying the wife’s personality one could easily tell whether the couple is getting more or less sex. If the woman is more willing and ready for new experience then that couple could be having way much sex than others. The study also found out that a man’s personality does not determine how many times a couple gets laid. This could also be justified by previous research findings which indicated that men initiate sex more than women hence labeling women to be ‘gatekeepers’ of sex in any relationship.

Couples who were in their mid-20’s and early 30’s responded by saying that they had four days of sex within a time frame of two weeks which still depended on whether the woman was ready and open to have sex.

Satisfaction factor during sex was also studied by Andrea L. Metzer and James K. McNulty. It was found that sexual satisfaction among newlywed couples highly relied on the personality of the two partners. It was found that couples with high neuroticism levels experienced low levels of sexual satisfaction. The study went ahead to state that the more open a man is for sex the lower levels of satisfaction and if the woman is more open then the couple is actually guaranteed of sexual satisfaction.

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This finding should not be generalized across all age-groups as it is only based on younger couples. This is because it was only done within a two-week period and it is based on a number of assumptions. There is also a possibility that this research could be a miss since gay-couples and older heterosexual couples were not involved.

In a society where different sexual orientation is gaining ground and being recognized, it would be a good thing to carry out research which is capable of bringing on-board older, younger, lesbian and gay couples. This could be the reason why this specific research by Andrea L. Metzer and James K. McNulty could actually be a miss.

Furthermore Andrea L. Metzer and James K. McNulty could not possibly tell how much sex a couple is supposed to have. There is no written guide that says couples are supposed to have such and such amount of sex.

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The researchers went ahead to admit that newlywed couples are obviously happy and this could be the reason why their sexual frequency is as the study found out. What they could not tell is whether happy and older couples also had the same sexual frequency as their younger counterparts.

There are many different versions of findings as to why some couples maybe having way more sex than others maybe because of the samples used in such studies. There is need to involve every stakeholder so that the final findings could have a firm base of argument and supportive facts.

While some couples prefer too much sex with their partners, there is also another group that prefers less sex hence making it hard to determine how much sex is much enough. Couples who prefer less sex in their relationship labeled having too much sex as converting sex to be a chore and that is why they’d rather minimize how often they had sex.

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