Programming MIDI Drum Parts in the Tracks Area – You Don’t Have To Be An Expert Finger Drummer

We all have different ways of programming drum parts into Logic. Some are real time, and some are non-real time mouse based workflows.  I prefer playing in my parts rather than mousing them in. In this video, I’m going to look at a couple of ways I like to work in the Tracks Area. You don’t have to be a great finger drummer to accomplish this. Logic gives us plenty of tools to simplify the drum part entry process.

Here I’ll show you three workflows that are simple and fun. And don’t forget, because it’s MIDI, we can slow down the tempo as much as necessary to play the parts in, and then speed ti back up for playback. All without any compromise to the sound. I’m using the Modern & Massive kit from GetGood Drums in this video, but the techniques work equally well with any of Logic’s drum VIs or any other third party software drum instrument. youtube: Production Expert

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