Italians, the world feels sorry for you.

The world is in a dilemma about the pricing of the new iPhones. When Phil Schiller, (senior VP of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc) announced the $749 price tag for the entry-level iPhone XR, people started to compare the pricing with the earlier models and one thing which is very clear that the iPhones are not coming ‘cheap.’

Well, some of us might be pleased with the pricing, but we should not forget that those prices are for home, the US market. The prices highly vary in different markets across the globe. Keep reading for how much you can get the new iPhone in yours.


Being home to Apple, US is offering the new iPhones at one of the lowest price points all around the world. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to an Apple store near you.


Japan is the country with some of the lowest prices for the new iPhones. The XR is offered at a lower price in Japan than in the US. This might have to do with the reason that Japan is one of the highest revenue generating nations for the American brand.

Hong Kong

The party place of the world has the new iPhones’ prices in the middle range, i.e., not as high as in the Italian market but also not in the lower range like in Japan.


Despite China being one of the biggest markets for Apple, iPhone doesn’t come cheap here. For the iPhone XS money, you can only get the entry level XR in China. This might cause a drift in the customer base and they could shift to homegrown smartphone makers like OnePlus.


The Britishers are very fond of iPhones as they went ahead and bought around eight million of them in 2017. However, they don’t get in cheap, the base variant XR itself will set you back by almost one grand.


As per the statistics, Apple has captured more than 80% market share of the ‘premium’ $600 smartphone segment. Being the market leader has its perks, and maybe that’s why the iPhones are priced a tad bit higher.


The sales of iPhone took a toll in the Indian market during the last fiscal year. This somehow has to do with the steep pricing of the iPhone X in our market which happens to be one of the most price-sensitive ones. Despite all this, India is still one of the places to boast one of the highest prices for the new range of iPhone.


Yes, you read that right! $1167 is the price Apple wants you to pay if you buy an iPhone XR in Italy. This is even more than the US price for the top-end XS Max model which stands at $1099.


Australia lies in the middle when it comes to prices for the new iPhones. The $879 iPhone XR is neither bargain like in the Japanese markets but also not as costly as their Italian counterparts.


If you are not able to get your hands on the iPhone in the United States, you can go to Canada too since the prices in the Canadian are marginally higher than the US prices.


Germany is amongst the costliest countries right now to flush the cash on a brand spanking new iPhone. So, this was the list of the different iPhone pricing in different markets around the world. The trend shows that most of the European markets have higher prices while the Asian ones like Japan are the go-to place if you are looking for a comparatively cheaper iPhone.

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