PES 2019

What is really new about PES 2019. This also means that PES 2019 – like its predecessor – accurately mimics the real game. PES 2019 plays wonderfully away again, with extremely tight control, but also the unpredictability that belongs to football. A bit too freakish opponents and referees just too often get you out of this football dream.

Football games are never full of innovations, but usually the trained eye sees what is new. At PES 2019 it is easier to point out what is missing. On the one hand because the Champions League license lost to the competitor is something very prominent, on the other hand also because the innovations this year are very brief.

Eleven new unique features must provide magic moments. Players with these skills can, for example, take a more beautiful look, give the ball a certain effect or, as a goalkeeper, kill penalties. Sounds nice on the back of the box and okay, it gives a very good feeling when such a ball uncontrollably curls up, so into the upper corner. But does it make a difference?

In terms of presentation, PES is increasingly ready for a very thorough renovation. The abundance of slow, barren menus that consist of nothing more than plain text.

Under the line, something is won and lost in the area of licenses, but in the end this is only visual frills that few PES fans care about. And rightly so, because thanks to the truthful animations, there is as much football in MD White and Manchester Blue as in Real Madrid and Manchester City. However, PES is the best against human opponents, because the computer-controlled adversary perpendicular to the realism wants to round the ball too long. The awkward behavior of the ref has, however, no escape, just like the outdated presentation of the entire game.

PES 2019 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The review was played on a PlayStation 4 Pro. source / translated: