People Online Are Cracking Up At These 56 Buildings Attempting To Hide Their Previous Purpose Shared In This Online Group

Upcycling, reinventing and repurposing—everything and anything can contribute to a building’s new shiny life. Converting buildings is quite common and sometimes the change is quite radical: a gym that previously was a church, a mall that was converted into a school, or a Target turned Walmart.
This one group on Reddit called /r/NotFoolingAnybody that has 21.2k members is dedicated to “photos of buildings that have been converted to other uses, yet still strongly resemble their former use.”

And deliberately or not, the new management chooses to recycle some details, like using the letters from the font of the previous business and sometimes even keeping the same logos. The funniest thing is that you can often tell that the masterminds repurposing the building or sign either had too much wit or too little fantasy. Either way, it’s pretty entertaining and below are the best examples of that, so don’t forget to vote for your favorite ones.

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#1 Former KFC In Maiden, Nc Now A Mexican Restaurant. Col. Sanders Is Now Col. Sanchez

Image credits: Streetdoc10171

Even though a place is converted to an urgent care center, the building decoration is still definitely reminiscent of a hut that used to sell pizza, and a church in this town adorned with UV lights and no more crosses is repurposed to be a nightclub. Usually the shape of the building that used to be a brand that follows the company’s specs is the main giveaway, but it also seems that some of the new owners of the places couldn’t be bothered to remove the previous logos.

#2 Blockbuster Got Converted To A Book Store

Image credits: SLOOGOVS

What is really impressive is the repurposing of shopping malls into schools, which, when you really think about it, can make perfect sense as there are large communal areas and what used to be retail shops that can serve as different classrooms. And what student wouldn’t like to have escalators to go from one floor to another?

#3 Church In My Local Town Converted Into A Nightclub

Image credits: cmdrxander

Quite a few submissions by people are pictures of former gas stations and car washes. Businesses such as Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks are taking advantage of the parts of the building that are suitable for a convenient drive thru. And let’s face it, going into an old flamboyant Art Deco building that is now a Walgreens definitely makes you feel at least a tiny bit more sophisticated.

#4 Dead Mall Turned Into College Building. Stores Were Converted Into Classrooms

Image credits: Maverick3458

#5 A Bank Converted To Mcdonalds

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#6 A Church Converted To A Grocery Store

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#7 This CVS In An Old Bank

Image credits: Ferrari5746

#8 Taco Bell –> Law Office

Image credits: YCANTUSTFU

#9 A Former Cricket Wireless Is Now A Chicken Restaurant

Image credits: LollerskateDJ

#10 Church Turned Into A Gym

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#11 Church Converted To A Tattoo Parlor

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#12 Dunkin’ Doughnuts Drive Thru In A Former Gas Station Car Wash.

Image credits: ICA2015

#13 A Former Burger King Listed Online As A Townhouse

Image credits: bluenowait

#14 Former Woolworths, Now A Walgreens. It Feels Like A Happy Accident That The Historic “W” Letter Still Works For The Building.

Image credits: methodwriter85

#15 The Local College Bought A Walmart

Image credits: Oblivious_Paladin

#16 Former Gas Station, Turned Into A Subway With Outdoor Seating Where The Gas Pumps Were – Gypsum, Co

Image credits: thespudbud

#17 House Converted To Burger King – Columbus, Ga

Image credits: retailsouth

#18 Former Hot Topic Now Veterans Museum Denton, Tx

Image credits: hipsterdaddyo

#19 The Owners Ended Their Quiznos Franchise But Wanted To Run A Sandwich Shop Still

Image credits: pfohl

#20 An Old Paint Store Converted To A Dvd Store

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#21 Amazing

Image credits: DrZoidburgerGrrrl69

#22 This CVS In Dc Used To Be A Movie Theater

Image credits: joey_p1010

#23 This Starbucks Drive-Thru In An Old Car Wash

Image credits: quiet_musings

#24 An Orthodontist’s Office Used To Be A Blockbuster [hinesville, Ga]

Image credits: ilikepeople1990

#25 Hah! Can’t Fool Me. That Used To Be A Taco B…wait

Image credits: offalark

#26 A Wendy’s In A Former Bank, Location Unknown

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#27 Nickelodeon Studios! It Has Been Painted Over But You Can Still Tell What It Used To Be

Image credits: ZMONEY0823

#28 Hollywood Video Converted To A Furniture Store

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#29 Former Movie Theatre, Now A Library

Image credits: ForgingIron

#30 An Old Hollywood Video Is Now Hollywood Smokin’

Image credits: wgRTM

#31 KFC Converted To Thai Restaurant

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#32 Classic Movie Theater Converted Into A Walgreens

Image credits: Atario

#33 Somebody Named Kg Bought A Local Gas Station

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#34 This Dominos In My Home Town Of Keyser Wv Was A Phillip’s 66 Gas Station And Garage In The Early 80’s

Image credits: [deleted]

#35 Dollar Tree In A Former Church, Location Unknown

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#36 Big Woodys Sports Bar (Bethlehem, Pa)

Image credits: ZMONEY0823

#37 This Used To Be A Majestic Liquor Store. The New Owners Really Stretched Themselves With This One.

Image credits: Hawksong

#38 Hollywood Flooring, Another Crappy Hollywood Video Conversion.

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#39 Former Target Turned Into A Walmart, They Painted The Target Orbs Yellow Instead Of Removing Them

Image credits: landofgay

#40 Taboo Adult Superstore, Formerly Taco Bell

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#41 Burger King Converted To Egg Roll King

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#42 Pizza Hut Turned Into A Sketchy Restaurant

Image credits: ohgodthellamas

#43 Old Hollister Now A Book Store

Image credits: Bfloteacher

#44 Goodwill (May Have?) Used To Be A Circuit City [savannah, Ga]

Image credits: ilikepeople1990

#45 Wendy’s Converted To Taco John’s

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#46 Mall Church (I’m Pretty Sure It Used To Be A Victoria’s Secret)

Image credits: dreemurthememer

#47 Little Caesar’s Pizza In A Former Sonic Drive-In; Location Unknown

Image credits: KrispyKayak

#48 Esso/Exxon Tiger Statue At A Bp Station

Image credits: 22408aaron

#49 A Classic Movie Theater In Greenpoint, Brooklyn That Has Since Been Turned Into A Starbucks

Image credits: heresmyusername

#50 Gym In A Former Rite Aid

Image credits: Sanka913

#51 Gas Station Turned Into A Boost Mobile – North Carolina

Image credits: JessTheGardener

#52 Dollar Tree In An Old CVS. Toledo Oh

Image credits: Dandan419

#53 An Abandoned Diner In New Hampshire That Just Left The Hollywood Video Sign Up

Image credits: ZMONEY0823

#54 Five Guys In A Former Pizza Hut In Westminster, Md

Image credits: gavinthelaird

#55 They Promise

Image credits: fingerspitzen

#56 The Disney Store Of Inland Center [san Bernardino, Ca] Is Now A Furniture Store. You Can Still See The Outlines Of The Film Reels Around The Entrance, And Mickey Shapes Etched Onto The Windows.

Image credits: 360inMotion
Source: BoredPanda

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