People Are Getting Covid-19 Tattoos And Here Are 30 Of The Most Creative Ones

Inking your skin is just one last step in the journey of giving yourself a tattoo. In reality, it all starts from hours spent browsing tattoo ideas and annoying your friends with an endless stream of “what do you think?” images.

And our love for ink has never been so big. A recent study has shown that 30% of Americans have at least one tattoo, which is five times more than eight years ago.

But many people have found a source of inspiration in the recent pandemic. In fact, coronavirus-themed tattoos are becoming a quirky sub-genre which represents everything we’ve been living with in the past months. From tributes to front-line doctors to the holy symbol of pandemic chaos, a toilet paper roll, scroll down for the best ones as compiled by Bored Panda.


Today I got this design tattooed, it is Banksy’s tribute to Covid doctors – a child who chooses the doctor among the heroes to play with!

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Just a quick little jammer about how we all feel about 2020

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Bored Panda reached out to Josh Young, a professional tattoo artist and owner of Highwater Gallery, Swansea to find out more about the ink on skin industry in the times of the pandemic.

Josh said that even though he hasn’t seen a rise in coronavirus-inspired tattoos himself, he’s witnessed a few tongue-in-cheek ones, like “‘I survived COVID 19’ in a banner, or a twist on the traditional woman by adding a nurse outfit and a mask.”

“There will probably be a lot more being done in the next few months, after things get back to some form of normality. It’s all quite fresh at the moment and no one really knows which way this pandemic will go.”


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Tattoo for the doctor, inspired by the current situation in the world

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Having said that, Josh stays skeptical as to whether the coronavirus is a good source of inspiration. “The fact is, people have passed away due to it and I don’t think it’s particularly nice to use it as inspiration for a tattoo idea, unless done in a positive way.” But the artist said it’s not up to him to tell people what to get.

On the other hand, Josh has seen good coming out of the crisis too. “I’ve seen a few tattooists who have offered discount tattoos to key workers during this whole pandemic, which is a positive thing to come out of it and a way of giving back to those who have been on the frontline.”


Let’s be responsible in this situation. Take care of yourself and let us take care of the most vulnerable.

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He wanted to surprise his wife with this tattoo that represents her for all the effort and sacrifice she has made and there is still to be done in this stage that we are all living. Thank you very much for the creative freedom and the good time!

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Since during the lockdown, all tattoo shops were closed, many businesses have had no choice but to stand still. But now that many salons have reopened, Josh said “there has been a huge increase in bookings and work.”

Josh believes that the “lockdown gave people a lot of time to plan their tattoo, a lot of tattooists were in touch with their regular clients and could discuss potential ideas and concepts.”

He also said this may be due to the fact that people stayed inside and saved some money that they can now put towards getting some ink art done.


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Last week’s tattoo for an emergency nurse at Jove hospital. Thank you very much and thank you very much for the work you do.

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The only kind of germs you DO want right now!

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My newest tattoo in honor of COVID-19

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Quarantine love

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