Pencilbrain Records is an independent record label and platform for artists of all genres, based in New Haven, CT USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pencilbrain – Snake a Sneak

Z.T.Tosha the man behind Dutch/USA/Austrian outfit Pencilbrain, founded the collective of international artists and musicians in 1999. This was also the year Pencilbrain released their first singles Follow me with Massive Attack’s singer Sara Jay and “Central Line South” reviewed as “the sound of urban life”.
The subsequent success that followed these first singles, led to the release of their debut album “Diverted Witness” in 2002. Diverted Witness, like Pencilbrain itself defied the rules of categorizing and simultaneously appeared on charts as diverse as rock and lounge, alternative and jazz. ?
The music reminds one of an attractive mixture of rock and lounge, alternative and Electro, Hip-Hop and Acid jazz? wrote Julia Schöppner (Translated from the German review). Pencilbrain Records

R.O.U.D.O.S – Progressive House Mix 2016

R.O.U.D.O.S breaks down genre and technological boundaries to make music that will unite the people of the world. Classical trained pianist R.O.U.D.O.S has a unique approach to exploring dance music. His compositions are experimental, alternative, and classical at the same time. His mixes are twisted, tweaked and they take you on a cohesively smooth journey that is complete and celebrating. His name is on the tip of many lips these days and it’s no surprise. It was not easy to make a selection from the 93 songs he sent us, but we’ve picked 11 revolutionary songs for this compilation album. All of the songs were previously released on Pencilbrain Records.

Hervé Duboys – Soulful House Ztt

Hervé Duboys, deep, smooth and sex house music. Remastered by ZT Tosha. Soulful House, Hervé Duboys debut is one of the most sophisticated dance recordings of 2010. 11-track album of electronic soul, from Amsterdam composer and producer that mixes melodic influences from the 1960s with deep house. Herve Duboys incorporates funk riffs to carry the beat with jazzy solos layered over deep house rhythm. Herve doesn’t use samples each line is recorded live. Soulful House Includes the tracks “Pills of Love”, “Waves and the Moon”, and “Really like You”.
Hervé Duboys lives very well with its time and delivers on a quiet and sensual cinematic performance. His made his first steps on stage as a keyboards player for French/Dutch Funk-Soul Combination. “All ever wanted it was to play some keys over deep warm house beats.” Herve Duboys about his album.

Aidos – Beat Box Samurai

Aidos the polyester Beat Box Samurai , take off such as the dissident and creative bee, such as the huge, wild and sexy panda rising in the air in an explosion of thousands of meteorites. Explorer of digital atmospheres, sharps basses and erratic samples, he elaborates since 3 years a delightful mix of delicate abstract hip-hop, heavy electronic and uneasy dance floore.

Dassuad – Drive

In a very dry and warm at the same time engaging and intimate production Dassuad drape a blanket of melancholy meandering guitar lines that never fly completely out of control . . . Merry frolic is not on Drive; existential burden twisting in the more poetic sentences . . . by Sven Schlijper from

VIDEO: Dassuad – Wasting Time