PC made out of pasta

Everybody loves pasta. It’s a cheap source of calories, it’s easy to cook, and it comes in lots of cute shapes like bow ties. It’s so great that, perhaps a little unfairly, it’s become a little pigeonholed as just being a food. Now, thanks to a new pasta-based PC build spotted by Motherboard, those days are finally coming to an end.

The build is courtesy of YouTuber Laplanet Arts, who embarked on the project after his wife joked about making a PC out of pasta… so that’s exactly what he did. The machine is based on the hardware from an old Asus Transformer convertible tablet, which he stripped out of its old chassis and built into a new case made entirely out of lasagna and rigatoni.

Disappointingly, what initially appears to be tomato sauce and melted cheese between each of the pieces of lasagna is actually hot glue that’s been painted red. In further bad news, the tablet’s aged specs — beyond the fact that it’s literally encased in pasta — mean that it struggles to do much of anything, whether it’s emulating Game Boy Advance games or even trying to play a movie on Hulu.

Still, you can’t blame Laplanet Arts for trying. Here’s hoping he one day makes a second attempt, so we can use a sweet Mamma Mia pun we’ve got stored up.

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