Passenger shocked to see woman do THIS in front of them on the plane

A PASSENGER onboard a flight was shocked to see an older woman sat in the seat in front partake in some very unusual activities during their plane journey.

Flights can often end up with some very odd situations happening onboard as passengers are contained in the cabin for hours at a time.

Many travellers forget they are sharing it with other people and do inappropriate things.

A passenger was shocked to spot an old woman doing something very strange in front of her.

The older woman seemed to be doing some very weird yoga stretches.

The woman pulled her legs back towards the headrest, before stretching them to the side

Filmed during a flight, a pair of feet were seen above the seats in a straight line in the air, wearing a pair of high heels.

The woman pulled her legs back towards the headrest, before stretching them to the side.

She then grabbed the soles of her foot to stretch them even further before bringing them above her head again.

The camera did not film her body or head but the moves prove her to be rather flexible.

Posted on the Instagram account PassengerShaming, it has had more than 280,000 views with the caption:  “So confused right now with this old lady in front of me.”

Flights: A passenger was shocked to see a fellow traveller do this mid-flight (Image: Instagram / PassengerShaming)

Users were conflicted in whether it was an okay thing to do on a flight. One wrote, in regards to the impressive moves: “Damn! She’s flexible!”

Another remarked: “So glad we didn’t meet her on our flight from London!!”

A rather optimistic Instagram user said: “At least she kept the shoes on?”

One follower asked: “I really NEED to know why she has her shoes taped to her feet!!!?”

It is hardly the first time a passenger has been caught doing something rude on a plane on camera.

Flights: The passenger puts her legs above her head in a very flexible manoeuvre (Image: Instagram / PassengerShaming)
Flights: The woman then puts her legs over her head with ease (Image: Instagram / PassengerShaming)

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