One of the endearing and ubiquitous qualities of Rhodes sounds is the ability to use the tremolo knob to pan the sound from side to side. We’ve heard it on a million records and love it. It creates a nice wide moving stereo spatial effect that adds a sheen of polish and sophistication to the sound. For an interesting variation, why not modulate the reverb’s position in the stereo field instead of the source?

In this video, I use Logic’s Vintage Electric Piano and Vintage Clav panned in the center, both with sends to a common bus hosting an instance of Chromaverb. By placing Logic’s Tremolo plug-in after Chromaverb, a panning effect is applied to the reverb portion of the signal only. The Tremolo plug-in offers the ability to control the rate, depth, and smoothing of the panning modulation. A wide range of panning effects is possible with various combinations of these three parameters.

The application of this sort of panned reverb effect is an interesting option to explore with various tracks, and with reverbs of various lengths. Why not on a vocal, or guitar part?

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