Our Family Adopted A Young Labrador And She Surprised Us With 12 Puppies

This is a story that a lot of dog lovers will relate to. It is how one simple act of love can create a ripple.

Bella a one-year-old absolutely beautiful Black Lab was being sold on Facebook for free. Whoever wanted her gone wasn’t sharing her story or why. A good Samaritan saw that post and alerted a local Lab rescue. The rescue stepped in quickly and Bella was moved into a foster home for health and behavior checks. There they learned that Bella even though she was a pup had just had a litter of her own.

From there she was put up for adoption and then with her new family by her side her spaying would be taken care of.

When Bella came into our family, her bonding with us was very instant but her health concerns made us visit the vet more than once. She was an overweight dog who was put on a diet so she could be healthy. But she was getting rashes that needed her to get checkups done. But two days before her spaying appointment, just based on instinct we took her to the vet. Something was just not right.

Bella looked bigger even after the amount of exercise she was getting. Something about her seemed off. We had never experienced a pregnancy dog in our life so we knew nothing about the signs to look for. Everything was just plain instinct.

An x-ray at the vet confirmed her second pregnancy. Maybe it was God’s way to give these puppies a chance to live. How else do you explain instincts working right before her spaying appointment? The news shocked the family and the rescue equally.

We as Bella’s family knew one thing for sure… She is not going anywhere or to a foster home to have her pups and we will do anything to keep her and her pups safe. She will be right where she belongs.

The rescue joined forces with Bella’s new family and exactly one month after her adoption, Bella delivered 12 healthy pups in her new home. Her journey with her family had just begun. Bella’s 12 pups found loving homes thanks to the big team of volunteers that spent endless hours making a difference.

People don’t want to adopt dogs from shelters and rescues because they come with a “history”, but I can tell you there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling that you gave that pet home and in return got so much love. In fact, we have received love from 13 dogs and we wouldn’t change anything.

Bella and her pups found their new homes… They will always be family. Our circle of love just grew so much more after Bella adopted us!

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