Nugen Audio Sigmod | Review of All Utility Modules

NUGEN Audio has released SigMod — a utility toolbox plug-in that features 11 single-process modules that can easily be inserted, swapped, and moved around, allowing for new options to correct, convert, or tweak audio as required. SigMod is designed to allow access to creative and advanced production techniques with ease — even if they are not supported natively within its user’s DAW/plug-in collection.

Included are the following flexible selection of single-process modules: Mid/Side (for converting stereo plug-ins to mid/side operation); Protect (for safeguarding digital equipment via virtual protection ‘circuitry’); Mono (for switching the signal path to mono to check for phase cancellation and image issues); Switch (for switching over the left and right — or mid/side — signals); Delay (for delaying the — milliseconds or samples — signal path); Phase (for inverting either side); Trim (for applying dB offset); DC Offset (for detecting and offsetting accordingly); Tap (for parallel processing); Crossover (for splitting frequencies to apply band-limited effects); and Mute/Solo (for muting or soloing a specific channel).

Combining those modules in any order allows SigMod users to design the precise routing required for easy exploration of new creative choices with auto-resizing keeping signal flow and functionality clear at all times. Read full article on

Production Expert Review

Posted by Julian Rodgers – Pro Tools Expert
In this exclusive review Production Expert Team member Julian Rodgers looks at SigMod, an new plug-in from Nugen Audio which can combine basic channel operation into customisable combinations.

Crossover Module

The Crossover module is a 2 way crossover which allows either the high or low pass element to be tapped off to a parallel path via the complementary receive plug-in in much the same way as the tap module demonstrated in the first of these tutorials.
Unlike the tap module, because it is a crossover, the two signals can be recombined to a full bandwidth signal. In this demonstration the crossover forms the basis of a chain which allows the width of the bass end of the signal to be controlled and using the Tap module a second path is created which can process the top end of the signal using polarity inversion, Level trims and channel swaps.

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Nugen Audio Sigmod | Review & Overview Of All Utility Modules

Joshua Casper goes over the ins and outs of Nugen Audio’s new Utility plugin Sigmod. He goes through each module available in the multi-tool as well as how to add, change and rearrange them.




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