norman gilbert

Every single painting {oil on board} is a feast for the eyes… patterns, fantastic palettes, more patterns! This is the smallest glimpse of the lifelong work of Scottish painter Norman Gilbert. The first two paintings above are from the 70’s, the next two from the 80s, two from the 90’s and the final two are from 2000 until now.

It’s a perfect window into watching Norman’s family growing up! I wrote about his gorgeous work two years ago, and have been following along ever since. Just the other day, however, I was so sad to learn that Norman passed away just before Christmas 2019. His son, Mark, continues to share Norman’s work with the world, and I will too. Here is a lovely quote from Norman that I just had to share:

“I try to make each colour and shape enhance every other colour and shape so it’s entirely satisfactory, so it’s at peace.”

Isn’t that poetic? So beautiful. May you now be at peace, Norman ♥

*photos 1 & 3 by Enzo Di Cosmo / Norman’s work is available via Tatha Gallery and Koppe Astner
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