The Osiris-Rex from NASA has found traces of water on the asteroid Bennu. The water is inside the space rock. The spacecraft has been flying around the asteroid for a few years to carry out explorations.

De asteroïde Bennu. © AP

During the exploration no liquid water was found, the asteroid is too small for this, but molecular traces of water. These may originate from the larger asteroid that Bennu was first attached to.

The researchers are delighted with the find, they had hoped to find this. The asteroid dates from the time that our solar system originated. Because water has been found on it, the data from the research can make a lot clear about that initial period.

The NASA mission has traveled 2.2 million kilometers since its launch in 2016 to reach the asteroid. If all goes well, the mission will return in 2023 with pieces of rock from Bennu. The samples can tell scientists more about the origin of our solar system.