My life in sex: ‘My rubber fetish has enriched my life’

The sixtysomething with a passion for rubber

My partner accepts that I wear latex clothing.’ Illustration: Lo Cole for the Guardian

It all began when I was about 13 and had a swim cap; I was mesmerised by the smooth feel of the rubber, the sounds it made, and the smell. I don’t know what made me associate rubber with sex but I began masturbating with it, and ever since, my sex life has been wonderfully enhanced.

As a teenager I felt abnormal, until I came across fetish magazines like AtomAge, Shiny and Smooth, filled with pictures of people wearing latex clothes, and I realised, with relief, there were others like me.

I’m in my 60s now, and although society is becoming more tolerant of less conventional forms of sexuality, like BDSM, rubber – and fetishism in general – remains socially unacceptable. There are certain objects – high heels, tight skirts, leather clothes – that can verge on the fetishistic, but perhaps these are more acceptable because they are part of everyday wardrobes.
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The characteristics of rubber – the fact that it gets hot or cold depending on the air temperature – work against it as a fashion material.

A common theme in online forums is: “How can I tell my partner?”, the fear being that our partners will find us beyond the pale. I am fortunate to have a partner – of over 30 years – who, while not enthusiastic about my passion for rubber, tolerates it. She accepts that I wear latex clothing and she will sometimes – although not as often as I would like! – wear latex herself.

My rubber fetish is fun, wonderful and an integral part of me: I can’t be “cured”, and I don’t want to be. It has enriched my life.

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