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Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer [PEGI]

The closure of developer Telltale Games dominated the game news last week. The message made it clear that it is not easy to succeed with narrative, episodic games. Especially the games of Telltale, especially those around The Walking Dead, were highly appreciated and served as an example for many other developers.

A good example of this is the French Dontnod, which delivered Life is Strange in 2015, another such game in episodes in which the story is more important than the gameplay. Fortunately Dontnod and publisher Square Enix have sufficient confidence in the game to make a sequel. The new game again covers five episodes, and the first of these has already appeared.

Shortly after the publication of Life Strange, the French studio announced that he wanted to make more games within the same universe. In the meantime, some of them have already appeared. Dontnod devoted the development of the Prequel Before the Storm, but set the tone for a full-fledged successor with The Awesome Adventures or Captain Spirit.

That free game had nothing to do with the complications around Max Caulfield and Chloe Price, and he formed the prelude to the complications in Life is Strange 2. That does not mean that there is a connection between what happened in Captain Spirit and what you can expect in Life is Strange 2. Not exactly, because as promised, LiS2 is a completely new game within the same universe. This is a part of review tranlsted from Dutch. Read full review on


  • New engine gives nicer images
  • Good new protagonists
  • You carry more responsibility


  • Appearance not successful everywhere
  • Woody movements