Learn The Secret Handshake and Become a Member of Logic’s Hidden Automation Key Combination Elite

One of the criticisms of Logic’s learning curve is that certain functions are not naturally “discoverable.” In other words, they are not quickly revealed to the user by hunting around the interface in the usual global, local, or contextual menus.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the area of automation. There is a myriad of “secret” mouse+modifier combinations to perform all sorts of neat circus tricks. Hold down the correct keys, and you will get acrobats swinging from trapezes and doing backward somersaults.

Seriously though, there are a plethora of hidden automation functions that make life so much easier. The hard part is finding out about them and then remembering them. In this short video, I share two (well, three actually) handy automation workflow tips that will help simplify routine tasks. They’re simple. Committing them to memory is the hard part.

This article was originally published at Pro-tools-expert.com

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