I’ve Been Drawing Dad Jokes And Puns On My Daughters’ Lunch Bags Every Day For The Past 8 Years (30 Pics)

My name is Dave. For the past 8 years, I have been drawing dad joke cartoons on my children’s lunch bags. Just to make them smile and yeah, more often than not, groan and exclaim “Daaaaaaad.”

It all started when my eldest daughter started school. My wife began carving love hearts and other simple shapes into my daughter’s sandwiches. After a few days, I took over carving duties and then, eventually, found it was just easier to draw on the sandwich bags themselves. All of a sudden, a new daily ritual and hobby emerged. Lunch bag cartoons!

My daughter’s lunch bag drawing reveals rapidly became a big hit in her classroom… and a major talking point at parent-teacher evening. (“Your daughter is doing great… Can we talk more about your lunch bag drawings, though!?”) Eventually, I was persuaded by one of her teachers to create a social media account and share the cartoons. And so, @sandwichbagdad was born!

Today, I draw 3 bags per day, one for each of my 3 daughters. Pretty much day in, day out (although, thankfully, slightly less frequently while they are remote learning these days!) I get my inspiration from so many places: the news, my kids, even when out jogging. ‘Tooning is a great way for me to relax after a hard day. I work in corporate finance, so drawing and puns are purely a hobby.

And while my kids roll their eyes when they see their bags each day, I know they secretly get a kick out of them. They have even begun to hone the art of dad joking themselves now and frequently make their own cartoon suggestions!

So here’s a snippet of some of my faves. C’mon. “Loaf” out loud. You know you want to…

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